J&L Genealogy Reference 1.3: An easy to use  tool to save and organize your genealogy research data.

J&L Genealogy Reference 1.3

The J&L Genealogy Reference is an easy to use tool to save and organize your genealogy research data. Store all the important data in one place. You will have the ability to sort, view and print out the information on any data field. Save time on your research trips with all of the research data at your finger tips. Take it along on you laptop and enter all of your research data. This program will keep you and your research data organized.

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Keyword Research 1: A1 Keyword Research helps with search engine optimization. Easily find new.

Keyword Research 1

A1 Keyword Research helps with search engine optimization. Easily find new keyword phrases and cover variations in your ad campaigns. Track website ranking and analyze the competition.Researching keywords to rank better in organic and paid search results is an important activity for most website owners. Without this step, your website and search advertising campaigns are disadvantaged from the beginning.Keyword research can help you find keywords

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SpeedResearch Stock Market Browser 2.4: A Web browser for automated Stock Market Research

SpeedResearch Stock Market Browser 2.4

The SpeedResearch Browser is a web browser with a powerhouse collection of active stock data links and research browsing wizards that will save you hours researching your stocks online. It`s customizable for any market and easy to learn. Build multiple portfolios linked to hundreds of web sites or directly to charts, after-hours data, real-time quotes, msg boards,news, financials and more.

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Keyword Research Pro 1.0.3: Keyword Research tool that gets keywords from Google, Wordtracker, and more.

Keyword Research Pro 1.0.3

Keyword Research Pro is a keyword research tool that gets data from Google, Wordtracker, and more. Gets search counts directly from Google, Wodtracker, KeywordDiscovery, and 7search. Checks competition in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. One-click brainstorming and LSI keywords. Pay-per-click info (ads and CPC) is also available. Keyword filters allow you to filter out keywords based of different criteria.

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Wordze Free Keyword Research Tool 2.01: Wordze free keyword research tool, build lists of 1000`s of keywords free!

Wordze Free Keyword Research Tool 2.01

Thanks for downloading the Wordze free keyword research tool. This limited-feature tool is only a tiny glimpse into what Wordze members get for less than $1.25 per day. We offer over 15 full featured tools for making your keyword research easy. Build lists of 1000`s of keyword, see which keywords will work best for you, and spy on your competition with wordze. Take a full 30 day trial at http://www.wordze.com

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HammerTap 3.0: Learn how to research on eBay and how to sell more effectively on eBay.

HammerTap 3.0

research and decide which products will be the most profitable based on eBay statistics. Make your decisions based on facts; not just your gut feeling! HammerTap is one of the most powerful eBay tools because it takes away all of the guesswork and helps you power-up your listings to increase sales and maximize profits. Use the original eBay research tool to find the top selling product on eBay and make sure that your listings are pulling in the best

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iMiser Research Assistant 3.2: Save, search, organize Web pages, blogs, wikis, rss, email, images, text, videos

iMiser Research Assistant 3.2

research was never easier! Save, search, and organize Web pages, blogs, wikis, rss, email, images, videos, selected text, and newsgroup and forum messages. Import local and network txt, html, rtf, doc, image, and pdf files into the iMiser database. Permanently highlight important Web page text in yellow or blue. Use iMiser Favorites to quickly organize your Web pages and documents with a single click. Find what you`re looking for Fast with two powerful

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Ardyss International 2.01: Ardyss International Trendfinder is a tool for researching product keywords.

Ardyss International 2.01

Ardyss International Trendfinder is a tool for researching product keywords on the Internet, useful for marketing Ardyss sites online. Marketing body shapers for women online is competitive. Discover effective ways to market the body magic shaper, waist cinchers, and other body slimmers more easily by doing the research first.

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PDF Stacks (for PC) 1.05: Organize, find and browse, search, read, view, annotate and share your PDF files

PDF Stacks (for PC) 1.05

With PDF Stacks, you can organize, find and browse, search, read, view, annotate and share your PDF files, papers, research and journal articles with a single click. It saves you time: no more wondering around your computer to find a PDF file. You can organize your documents and let PDF Stacks automatically manage your PDF files. The spotlight search enables you to find your research papers or PDF files in a snap.

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